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What Makes Us Different

DSC_7411A few words from Dr. Glenn A. van As

Welcome to Canyon Dental and Laser Skin Care, a state of the art dental facility in beautiful Lynn Valley, North Vancouver, British Columbia. We are extremely proud of the cutting edge technologies that we provide to help ensure that you receive the best diagnosis and treatment available to you in the field of dentistry. With state of the art digital x-ray technologies, a 3d Planmeca Cone Beam 3D imaging machine, multiple wavelengths of lasers and Global Dental Operating Microscopes in every workroom you can be assured that every procedure will be done in the most kind, precise and minimally invasive method possible. Our philosophy is to present all our patients with the best treatment options available for your current problem while giving you the alternatives, benefits and complications of various potential treatment options.

Dentistry is more than a job for me, its a passion. I graduated in 1987 and since then have every year taken continual education in many different disciplines and I am an active member of many different dental societies including the Academy of Laser dentistry (lasers), American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry ( esthetic dentistry), Academy of Microscope Enhanced Dentistry ( microscopes), International Congress of Oral Implantology ( Implants) , and the Canadian Dental Association (General Dental).

I have lectured in over 20 countries and over 600 times on the topics of dental implants, lasers, microscopes, endodontics, esthetic dentistry and other topics as I am respected for my expertise in these areas. I continue to practice close to 200 days a year in my practice and in my “ off time” write dental articles, serve as a consultant to various dental technology companies, lecture and study. For me dentistry is both my career and profession and I am proud of my commitment to continually strive to improve myself even after close to 30 years as a dentist.

I am very proud of our current team, their relationships with our patients and their dedication to continually upgrading their knowledge as dental professionals. They all share one thing in common and that is to make your visit as comfortable as possible, while providing you with professional, kind and attentive care. I know that, when you visit us at Canyon Dental Centre that you will be sure to agree.

Digital Xrays

Canyon Dental & Laser strives to provide the best in new technologies for its patients and x-ray technology is no exception. Digital radiography is used to capture the x-ray images that can be shown on monitor that are up to 40 inches in size. This allows us to immediately “show” and explain to you issues that may be causing you pain or discomfort. From cavities to dental abscessed, digital xrays are vital sources of information in helping us plan your treatment for you.

Not only will the amount of radiation required be reduced up to 80%, but images are immediately available for viewing, with images directly transferred from the sensor to the computer monitor.

Planmeca Cone Beam 3D Imaging Xrays

One of the newest piece of technologies at our office is the Cone Beam 3D Imaging Machine which allows the traditional Panorex X-ray to be taken using lower radiation than ever before. It also offers the ability to capture 3D images of any area or tooth in the mouth, allowing more information to be captured than ever before. These images are vital for us when placing implants, for trauma cases or for situations where impacted teeth or wisdom teeth are located. 3d xrays are also crucial when looking at previously root canal treated teeth, sinus issues and many other situations where pathology exists in the jaws.

For our patients who have a sensitive gag reflex (gaggers), or a very small mouth (children), this machine can make their lives much easier. The Cone Beam 3D Imaging Machine has the ability to take traditional xray films without the sensor being placed in the mouth.

3D xray machines are not that common in dental offices as they are costly ( often 100-150 thousand dollars) but they offer tremendous amounts of information on your current dental situation where at times regular 2d xrays cannot solve the problem.


Dr. van As is pleased to offer microscope dentistry at his Canyon Dental & Laser office. He is acknowledged as a pioneer in magnification as he was one of the first general dentists in Canada to start doing all of his general dentistry through the operating microscope in 1997. Now he has nine microscopes in the office, one in each room. The microscopes offer 4 advantages including greater precision of treatment in a minimally invasive fashion because they magnify the field at 2-20 times what the naked eye sees. In addition they allow us to document your treatment in video and still format which can help for insurance purposes and for future reference. The live video feed to the TV monitors above allow us to show you in real time the issues you are having to allow us to co diagnose together your case. In addition, many patients like to “watch” Dr. Glenn at work, and you have this choice if you wish to watch the fillings being done. Some patients will even watch root canals or extractions being done! The live video helps us communicate better with you, as a picture is worth a thousand words so much is a magnified live video of your teeth worth? Finally, many dentists retire early because of severe back and neck pain which is an occupational hazard of being a dentist….well the microscope allows Dr. Glenn to sit in an upright fashion which reduces the back and neck pain that is associated with our profession….with good health this will keep Dr. Glenn working at Canyon Dental & Laser for many years more! In truth I like to say that the “Microscope changes the way you view teeth” and in an era where precision provides for the best looking and longest lasting restorations…the microscope helps me provide for you the best treatment possible.


At Canyon & Laser we have multiple different laser systems. Each one operates at a different “wavelength” which means they “see” or treat different tissues. There are 810nm and 980 nm soft tissue diode lasers to cut soft tissue and help with bacteria in gum pockets, 2780 and 2940 Erbium hard tissue lasers that can cut all tissues including teeth and bone, as well as our 810 mm Photon Diode laser which is the only laser of this wavelength that is approved for improved wound healing and pain inhibition, commonly called Low Level Laser Therapy System (LLLT). This means that there are a great many procedures that can be performed on tooth, gum and bone that have greatly improved healing times and comfort levels.

Dr. van As has been recognized as a pioneer in lasers and obtained all his training in the late 1990s from the Academy of Laser Dentistry. Awarded the prestigious Leon Goldman award in 2006 for world wide excellence in the field of lasers in dentistry, he is one of less than 25 people who have ever received this prestigious award given for those who excel clinically in the field of laser dentistry world wide. Dr van As trains many dentists in how to use their lasers and is considered an expert in all areas of laser dentistry.

Lasers are used in many instances in the oral cavity as they reduce bleeding, the number of stitches, the risk of infection, postoperative pain, and at times can be used instead of traditional burs for cutting some small to moderate cavities with our state of the art hard tissue IPlus laser. www.biolase.com

In addition there are some procedures that can only be completed with lasers, or are best completed with lasers including:

  • Revising Lip and tongue ties in newborns to help them latch on better for breast feeding.
  • Improving the early integration and wound healing for implants and for use in large surgeries to help improve bone regeneration.
  • Treating and eliminating canker sores and cold sores
  • Conducting preventative gum procedures in our dental hygiene procedures that may eliminate the need for more invasive and expensive gum surgeries.
  • Removing bonded porcelain veneers and crowns safely and easily remove without damaging them or the underlying teeth.
  • In some cases, fillings without anesthetic when they are small to moderate in size.
  • Performing minor surgeries without bleeding and supporting faster healing.
  • Desensitizing teeth when the sensitivity is due to gum recession.
  • Performing the laser assisted endodontics with revolutionary radially firing tips that radically reduce the bacteria in the nerve canals and clean optimally the canals.
  • Laser Bleaching to help you improve the brightness of your smile.

LLLT is another technology that is becoming quite brought into the office to better take care of our patients when it comes to wound healing and pain inhibition. There are many things we can use LLLT for with our Photon Diode laser ( the only approved diode laser in Canada) including reducing inflammation ( jaw joint muscle problems) or speed up healing in any of our surgical cases ( extractions, implants or gum procedures).

For more information please visit http://www.oralscience.ca/en/products/photon.html

Esthetics –

Dr.van As has been a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and has lectured for this prestigious group on several occasions. This group prides itself on educating dentists how to do veneers, crowns and dental implants better, so that patients can get the smile that they always wanted. We use in most cases metal free crowns so that the teeth which are full porcelain look as natural as possible. When using the dental operating microscope for our procedures we are often able to be much more minimally invasive reducing the amount of enamel and dentin that must be removed in order to provide the final life like restorations.

Many “ full mouth” restorations are done by Dr. van As to give you that naturally beautiful smile that you have always wanted and it is one of the procedures that Dr. van As enjoys doing the most.

Dental Implants

At Canyon Dental & Laser we do place many simple to intermediate level of implants. Dr. van As has taken extensive training for placing and restoring dental implants and completed a year long master training course from gIDE (www.gidedental.com) in 2013 where he was awarded the top student award for all participants for that year. He has placed and restored several hundred dental implants in his career and this reduces the need for patients to leave our practice for all but the most difficult surgeries.

Dr. van As was one of the first to use HiOssen dental implants when they came to Canada and is able to offer placement of these implants and their restorations at a significant cost savings while retaining comparable success rates to larger name brand implants which are significantly more expensive. He continues to place many implants in his practice and is on faculty at B.I.T.E.S implant educational centre which trains other dentists how to place dental implants in their practice.


At Canyon Dental & Laser we offer a variety of short term adult orthodontics ( Clear removable aligner trays) and white braces ( 6 months smiles). These short term treatments are often completed in 6-9 months and are intended as a cosmetic “line up your teeth” type of alternative for adults who have in the past considered straightening their teeth but hesitated due to the time involved or the costs involved.

In addition, we have the ability to correct simple to moderate crowding cases in teenagers where either a significant overbite or underbite does not exist. Dr. van As started doing orthodontics in his general practice over 20 years ago and continues to enjoy working with teenagers to achieve a smile that they can feel confident in.

We Care-

All the technology in the world is a waste if the treatment is not delivered with an emphasis of compassion, empathy and kindness. I am fond of saying that patients do not care what you know…they want to know that you care. My father who started the van As dental office in 1961 taught me the importance of caring for your patients, and that a kind and gentle approach chairside was just as important as the treatment you provided. That concept of caring for our patients is something I always remember, and to try and provide our patients with the same care that I would provide more my own family. After all high tech without high touch falls short of realizing that a patient is more than just teeth and gums! Our team and myself are committed to trying our best to ensure that the excellent treatment is combined with a caring, safe and positive experience as we know that for many of you the dental chair is not your favorite spot to be in. I pledge to always try and help you obtain that state of the art technology and result as painlessly and as professionally as possible.



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