Dr. van As is pleased to offer microscope technology at his Canyon Dental Centre office.

A Pioneer in Magnification

Dr. van As is acknowledged as a pioneer in magnification as he was one of the first general dentists in Canada to start doing all of his general dentistry through the operating microscope in 1997. Now he has nine microscopes in the office, one in each room.

Advantages of the Microscope Technolgy:

The precision of treatment in a minimally invasive fashion because they are able to magnify at 2-20 times what the naked eye sees.

They allow dentists to document your treatment in video and still format which can help with insurance purposes and for future reference. The live video feed to the TV monitors shows you in real time the issues you are having to allow us to co-diagnose together your case. 

In addition, many patients like to “watch” Dr. Glenn at work, and you have this choice if you wish to watch the fillings being done. Some patients will even watch root canals or extractions being done! The live video helps us communicate better with you, as a picture is worth a thousand words so much is a magnified live video of your teeth worth?

Finally, many dentists retire early because of severe back and neck pain which is an occupational hazard of being a dentist. The microscope allows Dr. Glenn to sit in an upright fashion which reduces the back and neck pain that is associated with our profession with good health. This technology will keep Dr. Glenn working at Canyon Dental Centre for many years more! 

Microscope Technology in North Vancouver

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