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How Are Dental Laser Used For Teeth Whitening

If you're thinking about whitening your teeth, one option that you may be considering is a whitening treatment with dental lasers. Today, our North Vancouver dentists explain how lasers can effectively whiten your teeth.

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How to Choose Between Clear Aligners & Braces

Wondering about the difference between clear aligners and braces? Our North Vancouver dentists offer some factors to think about, including cosmetic considerations.

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Laser Dental Treatments, Purposes & Myths

Laser dental treatments have been in use for over 25 years and can be used to perform several dental procedures. Today, our North Vancouver dentists explain how they work and why they would be used.

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Planning For Cosmetic Dental Treatment

Cosmetic dental treatments are used when a patient wants to improve the appearance of their smile. Today, our North Vancouver dentists explain some of the factors that go into planning for cosmetic treatment. 

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How long does teeth whitening actually last?

Are you considering teeth whitening treatment and wondering how long the effects will last? Our North Vancouver dentists explain both in-office and at-home whitening options and the factors that determine how long your whitening treatment lasts. 

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How Dental Technology Can Improve Your Oral Health

Dental technology has changed to help your dentist manage pain and inform treatment options. Here, our North Vancouver dentists explain some of the technological tools we use in dental procedures.

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