Teeth Grinding & Dental Bite Guards

Jaw pain and teeth grinding can cause discomfort. At Canyon Dental Centre, we provide TMD treatment and bite guards for patients experiencing these issues.

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD)

TMD usually becomes an issue when a person has a poor bite, which means that the jaw doesn't align properly. This can cause TMD, which cause discomfort and even pain in the jaw joint, face, ears and teeth.

TMD & TMJ Symptoms

If you experience any of these symptoms, you may have TMD disorder.

  • jaw and facial pain
  • jaw joint pain, locking, restricted movement
  • degenerative changes in the jaw joint
  • ear symptoms: pain, fullness, ringing, dizziness
  • headaches, neckaches
  • clenching and/or grinding of teeth, with associated wear, tooth breakage, bone loss, receding gums, lost teeth

Clenching & Grinding

Clenching and grinding usually occurs during sleep. This can be a very painful and damaging habit over time that can cause your teeth to wear down, break, feel more sensitive and even lead to receding gums.

A common cause of teeth clenching and grinding during sleep is stress. The more stress you have, the more your body will subconsciously try to deal with it. A misaligned bite might also be the culprit for clenching and grinding.

Symptoms can include the following:

  • headaches
  • pain in your neck
  • popping or clicking of your jaw when you chew
  • ringing noise in your ears
  • sore jaw and facial muscles when you wake up
  • discomfort or pain when opening your mouth wide

What treatment options do you provide at Canyon Dental Centre?

At Canyon Dental Centre, our dentists and team members will fit you with a night guard to help reduce the impact clenching has on your teeth. This piece of plastic, which is customized to your mouth, creates a kind of buffer zone for your teeth, covering them and keeping them from coming together, causing further damage when you grind or clench.

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