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Family & Dental Heath

Laser Frenectomy

Frenectomies, or upper lip and tongue ties revisions as they are commonly called, are procedures that are often done on newborns, toddlers o

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A beautiful smile begins with healthy teeth. As your child grows,maintaining good oral health is essential to their physical development. Ki

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Clenching & Grinding

Clenching and grinding usually occurs during sleep. This can be a very painful and damaging habit over time that can cause your teeth to wea

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Dental Hygiene

You cannot maintain good oral health through daily brushing and flossing alone. Regular visits to your dental office are vital for the early

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Oral Cancer Screening

We believe strongly in the importance of preventative care and oral wellness. Part of your dental cleaning with us can include an annual ora

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Microscope Enhanced Dentistry

Dr. Glenn van As installed his first Global Surgical Operating Microscope in 1998. This allowed him to provide greater accuracy and precisio

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Comfort Dentistry -Sedation

Sedation, sometimes referred to as ‘relaxation’, sleep’ or anxiety free dentistry, allows us to create a safe and comfortable dental e

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Root Canals

A root canal is a treatment used to repair and save a tooth that is badly decayed, cracked, traumatized or becomes infected. During a root c

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