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Microscope Enhanced Dentistry

Dr. Glenn van As installed his first Global Surgical Operating Microscope in 1998. This allowed him to provide greater accuracy and precision dentistry, giving his patients exceptional care and quality dentistry. Today he has all 9 operatories equipped with a Global Surgical Operating microscope and uses it for a 100% of his dentistry.

What benefits does the Microscope provide for our patients?

The microscope magnifies your teeth and soft tissue between 2x and 20x. This combined with the tremendous illumination provided, allows for much more precise treatment and earlier diagnosis to occur. Earlier diagnosis of problems allows for more minimal intervention.

What benefits does the microscope provide to the dentists?

In addition to providing us with an incredible amount of visualization and clarity during your treatment, the microscope helps us to record digital documentation of your procedure and allows the dentist to sit more upright, reducing neck and back pain that plagues so many in the dental profession.

With all of it’s benefits, why do so few dentists use a microscope?

Microscopes are not inexpensive and require patience and commitment to operate. There is a learning curve to becoming proficient with the microscope, so, many dentists will opt for a low powered magnification such as “loupes” (eyewear) for magnification.

How does it work during your dental appointment?

Each of our microscopes is connected with live video to overhead monitors. This allows you to see exactly in real time what we are looking at and if you want, you are able to view the entire treatment. This provides our patients with enlightened visualization and understanding of treatment and accuracy.

Dr. Glenn van As was one of the pioneers in bringing dental operating microscopes commonly used for root canal treatments into the realm of general dentistry. He has lectured worldwide on its usage and taught thousands of dentists how to better use the scope through lecturing, writing articles, workshops, web forums and has developed and released three DVD’s on this topic.

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