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Dental Implants North Vancouver

Dental Implants North Vancouver Canyon DentalCentre serves the greater North Vancouver area, using the latest technology to provide for superior service in the dental field. If you’re in need of dental implant treatment, you won’t have to look any further.
A dental implant is an artificial tooth root made from titanium that is held in place by your jaw and used to hold either a replacement tooth or a bridge. Those who have good oral health, who have lost one or more teeth may choose to have dental implants. Many people prefer a dental implant to another form of replacement because of the natural look and feel of the tooth. Patients with dental implants often forget they ever had a tooth missing in the first place.
Some of the functions of a dental implant include:
- Replacing one or more missing teeth
- Support of a bridge without the need of a partial denture
- Providing support for a denture
The main advantage that dental implants have over dentures or bridges are the natural look and feel of the tooth. As the implants are integrated into the very structure of your own bone, they prevent the bone loss that is often associated with bridgework and dentures. It’s almost impossible to tell you have implants.
Another benefit from having implants is that they don’t compromise neighboring teeth the way bridgework does, saving your adjacent teeth from damage. Patients love that they look and feel just like their own teeth, giving back confidence to eat, laugh and smile with no inhibitions. Since they are permanent, there are no messy glues or adhesives to purchase and use.
While in North Vancouver, stop in to visit with Canyon DentalCentre and find out how they can provide you with the best dental implant service in the area. Dental Implants North Vancouver
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Jeanie Lee, CDA

Jeanie is a Certified Dental Assistant at Canyon Dental & Laser Skin Care. She earned her certification at Vancouver Community College. Jeanie strives to establish positive relationships with patients and help their needs in the office. Jeanie enjoys working at Canyon Dental & Laser Skin Care with a fabulous team.

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