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Crowns Treatment North Vancouver

Crowns Treatment North Vancouver Canyon DentalCentre is the leading crowns treatment center in the greater North Vancouver area, offering state-of-the-art dentistry to clients who are looking for a family dentist who will provide the best in care.
Dr. Glenn van As has been offering microscopic dentistry since 1998, allowing for greater accuracy and precision over all phases of dentistry. The microscope not only magnifies the teeth, but also the soft tissue from between 2x and 20x, combined with increased illumination for a more precise treatment and earlier diagnosis.
For the best crowns treatment in North Vancouver, look no further than Canyon DentalCentre. Custom made crowns, sometimes called caps, completely cover and seal the top of a damaged tooth. Their function is to repair and strengthen the tooth while improving the appearance of your smile by way of careful shaping. The result is a beautiful smile designed to last a lifetime.
Crown treatment can also include covering over an implant to offer a more tooth-like shape or to improve the function of the tooth. Crowns made from porcelain or ceramic can be made to closely match the color of your natural teeth. Other alternatives for crowns include gold and other metal alloys, as well as acrylic and ceramic, which are often used for their superior strength and lifespan.
Crown treatment may be recommended for:
- Replacement of a large filling
- Protecting a weal tooth
- Restoring a fractured or cracked tooth
- Attachment of a bridge
- Covering a dental implant
- Covering discolored or poorly shaped teeth
- Covering a tooth after root canal treatment
Dr. Glenn van As uses the latest technology in all phases of dentistry, treating patients of all ages. For all of your crown treatment needs, visit Canyon DentalCentre in North Vancouver to find out how their services can improve your smile. Crowns Treatment North Vancouver
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